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A Little Harrison History

Just some history / nostalgia from the not so distant past as our team gets the site looking pretty, and ready for for Harrison resident participation. Thanks for your patience.  Update: as a homeowner and Realtor, one on the most essential purposes of this guide is to keep contact information accurate**.  Because many condo developers don’t hold on to the original sales website (as evidenced by my my team seeing it), agents start to get phone calls looking for condo docs, or a friend in the building.  With the Harrison, like most condos, that’s a two phone number question question.  The front Desk, and our our management company (currently Mindel Management)

Of course, this site may be self serving professionally.  I’d be lying if that weren’t an ulterior motive.  But before all, when people I talk about where I live and the DC Wisconsin Avenue corridor between Friendship and Tenley,  I hear “Chase Point”, and the occasional “Tenley Hill”.  I also believe some agents may be quickly wite off the “location” because of the perception of a Wisconsin Avenue address. While this presumption makes sense :-), it’s not the case.  Bring clarity to it’s location, collective participation, making sure other members of the community / realtors get to know this tucked away secret, more home seekers mentioning The Harrison serves all.

Note, the square footage may be a little off for those of you taking a first peek but that’s typical. I wanted to have this piece ad free, but just wanted to make sure Michelle Lerner who you can find everywhere local, got proper citation, and thanks. See date (time flies), and feel free to reference the original copy at please reference original Washington Times Piece Here.

New in D.C.: The Harrison

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